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Who should I contact for help?

We suggest that you visit the support homepage. There, you'll find helpful documentation, such as sample profiles and a general Guide. If you still struggle you may contact us.

Where do I report bugs?

You can email any suspected bugs via our support page at http://mangob2b.com/support. Please include as much information as possible, example of the bug. Currently support is provided via email only.

What happens when I delete my account by mistake?

Your account will be suspended for 6 months before being deleted. You will need to email us to re-activate your account.


What are classifieds?

Classifieds are one-time-only deals you can offer to potential buyers.

How are classifieds different from products?

Company products are items your company either manufactures or distributes on a regular basis, whereas classifieds are one-time-only deals.

Why has my classified expired?

Every classified posted on MangoB2B expires 30 days after it was posted, in order to ensure that our classifieds section doesn’t contain outdated or unavailable items. You can easily extend your classified for free by another 30 days, for as many times as you need to.

How does my price get converted into other currencies?

Our platform automatically converts your price, from your currency of choice into all available currencies. We use external APIs to determine the conversion rates each, and save the converted values at the time the item was posted. The converted prices can sometimes be inexact due to currency rate fluctuations, so please enquire for the exact price whenever you wish to make a purchase.

I posted a classified without using a MangoB2B account. How can I modify it?

If you choose to post classifieds without creating an account, you will receive an email with a temporary password, that allows you to log in and make modifications to your classifieds at any time. If you cannot access that email please refer to the forgotten password page to generate a new password.

I just posted a classified. Why can’t I find it in the classifieds section?

Each classified is carefully verified by our review team before being published. If you've recently posted a classified that’s not publicly available yet, you will be notified by our team once it’s been published.

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