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MangoB2B platform offers simple and advanced search options. You can search and filter by many parameters and find a suitable candidate to make business with. Read the guide below to familiarize yourself with the search engine and get the maximum search results.

Keyword search

This is a basic search, when you search by a full word or keyword. The example would be a phrase like "phone", "steel", "steel coil", etc. Like you see you can add multiple keywords to the search bar and the search engine will return all results that matches to those keywords.

Advanced keyword search

If you want to do more complex search query you can use boolean operators:

  • Explicit operator AND. Example: steel & coil (search for companies which match to steel and coil keywords).
  • Explicit operator OR. Example: steel | coil (search for companies which match to steel or coil keywords).
  • Explicit operator NOT. Example: steel -coil (search for companies which match with keyword steel and not coil).
  • Phrase search. Example: "steel coil" (search for exact match of phrase specified).
  • Wildcard search. Example: ste* coil (search for word that starts with ste and also contains coil).
  • Grouping. Example: (steel coil)

Search with filters

We support three filters. You can combine them with your keyword search, so you will get really specific and narrow search.

  • Filter by Country
  • Filter by Industry
  • Filter by Company type
  • Filter by Main business type


You can sort results alphabetically (ascending or descending), by rating (ascending or descending) and by relevancy.

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Updated on Dec 30 2011


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